The students have French classes four times a week. The Casa French program is based on an oral comprehension of the French language. The children learn vocabulary and conversational skills, while singing songs and playing games. The Elementary program takes a holistic approach to learning French. Its aims are to prepare students for real life situations by teaching them communication skills, language knowledge such as grammar, vocabulary and an appreciation for French culture.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program is an integral component of our Montessori curriculum. Art History, Appreciation and Art Production provide meaningful experiences for the students and promote their individual expressions and creativity.

Music, Theatrical Production and Performance Opportunities

All students will have music class once a week through a program designed by Music for Young Children. This program is taught by Mrs. Heather Brannon.

The music program at the Casa level is interdisciplinary and involves the development of the children’s awareness and love of music through singing, movement and listening.

At the Elementary level, all students participate in the annual Winter Concert. In preparation for this performance students participate in music workshops involving basic choral instruction. Other activities promoting music, drama and the arts include attending and inviting local performers of both music and theatre.

Physical Education

Physical education focuses on conditioning and improving fitness levels rather than athleticism. The students engage in both competitive and noncompetitive activities, from basic skills to game experiences. The program provides key lessons to help develop sportsmanship and fair play.


Yoga is offered one afternoon a week for the Casa class as an extension to physical education.


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