Jocelyn Clark



Classroom Assisstant

Jocelyn Clark was born and raised in Woodstock, New Brunswick. She graduated from Woodstock High School in 2008 wishing to pursue a career in psychology. She attended the University of New Brunswick for three years and realized that her passion for psychology transformed in to an interest in childcare. Her family has had a great influence on her yearn for nurturing the next generation. In 2016, Jocelyn attended New Brunswick Community College where she completed Early Childhood Education. Graduating with honors and third in her class in 2017, she has been working in the field ever since. Her passion and love for her work grows daily. She is currently completing her Montessori Assistance certificate through the Montessori Teacher’s College.

Jocelyn currently lives in Fredericton with her two sweet miniature pinschers.


131 Duncan Lane, Fredericton, NB E3B 9T1


Phone: 1-506-444-6249